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Below are highlights of News and Links related to the Water/Wastewater Business that recently caught our eye.   Please forward relevant News or Links that we can share with clients and peers.

Impacts of Fracking on Groundwater Quality.

 EPA recently announced that it intends to study the potential adverse impact that hydraulic fracturing (fracking) may have on groundwater drinking water sources.  Fracking involves the use of water mixed with chemicals to fracture rock formations and open a pathway to extract natural gas or oil.  EPA has also established an information web page for stakeholders interested in this highly controversial issue (

2010 Water Market Review. 

Steve Maxwell of TechKnowledgey presents a concise Review of Challenges and Opportunities in the World Water Market.  Go to to view the 2010 Water Market Review.

New Journal Being Launched by Global Water Organization.

The Water Environment Federation, WateReuse Association and the WateReuse Foundation announced the launch of a new trade journal, World Water:  Water Reuse & Desalination.  The inaugural Journal is scheduled for October 2010.  Click at or for details on this announcement.

Water Footprint.

The International Organization for Standardization is beginning work on a proposed global standard for determining companies’ water footprint for environmental reporting purposes.  The standard being developed is “ISO 14046, Water Footprint – Requirements and Guidelines.”

White Paper Assesses Direct Water Reuse.

The National Water Research Institute has published a white paper entitled “Regulatory Aspects of Direct Potable Reuse in California”.  The paper was prepared by James Crook and assesses the research needs, regulatory requirements and public acceptance issues related to direct reuse.  The paper can be downloaded at

Hoover Dam Marks Its' 75th Anniversary.

In Michael Hiltzik’s “Colossus:  Hoover Dam and the Making of the American Century” the promise of abundant power and water by damming the Colorado River is revisited.  These promises encouraged unprecedented growth in the arid southwest, prompted farmers in the Central Valley to complacently plant water-thirsty crops and set an impression that growth can occur while watering lawns without worrying about water supplies.  Today, the reality is evident that conflict on the river will never be stilled, because there will always be more demand for the water than there is water.

Government Agency Links

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Environmental Protection Agency                
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Professional Association Links

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American Water Works Association          
American Society of Civil Engineers            
American Council of Engineering Companies  
National Groundwater Association                 
National Rural Water Association                  
National Society of Professional Engineers      
Water Environment Federation                   
WateReuse Association             


Water and Wastewater Links

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