Environmental Due Diligence.


This experience has included Environmental Due Diligence Reviews for a number of water and wastewater utility acquisitions, environmental audits associated with the purchase or sale of a variety of industrial facilities, industrial compliance audits, RCRA facility closure audits, and Phase 1 and Phase 2 environmental investigations related to real estate transactions. 


Various Banks and Developers in the Northeastern United States (Bank of Boston, Fleet Bank, Peoples Heritage Bank, Maine Bank & Trust, Bank North, T.D. Bank North, Bethel Savings Bank, Atlantic Bank, Coastal Savings Bank, Norway Savings)

Over a 12-year period, several hundred environmental due diligence assignments were completed related to assessing potential risk involved in real estate transactions and/or refinancing.  Mr. Crawford actively conducted field assignments, prepared reports and designs, established protocols for completing field assignments and preparing reports, and provided quality control reviews.   


RECOLL Management/sites throughout New England

Conducted similar scope of services to above assignment at 30 sites across New England.  

Buckeye Cellulose and Fleet Bank/ Memphis, TN and Perry, FL

The environmental due diligence process included a review of all wastewater treatment and air pollution control facilities along with a review of how the cellulose-based specialty products manufacturer would comply with the provisions of the Cluster Rule.  Particular attention was focused on the capability of the secondary wastewater treatment plant at the facility in Perry, FL and the capability of the facility to treat for conventional parameters such as BOD5 and TSS, and organic parameters such as adsorbable halides (AOX) and dioxins.  The audit also documented the on-site management of wastewater, solid waste, and hazardous materials; procedures for maintaining compliance with existing and future state and federal regulations; and review of in-house procedures for health and safety, waste minimization, and pollution prevention.  

General Alum purchase of Delta Chemical/ Searsport, ME

Conducted an independent environmental audit to assess liabilities associated with the assets of the Delta Chemical facility.  The comprehensive audit included compliance reviews for air permits, wastewater discharges, landfill closures, pollution prevention, hazardous materials handling, and community right-to-know.  The audit primarily focused on addressing the release of chlorinated solvents to the groundwater and unsaturated soils at several locations across the site, and assessing the impacts of these releases as they pertained to the transaction.  After developing several liability scenarios, assisted the client in developing a transaction structure that protected the purchaser from liabilities associated with the identified contamination. 


G.E. Capital and S.D. Warren Mill/ Skowhegan, ME

The lease of a papermaking machine by G.E. Capital necessitated a complete environmental audit of all process operations, the wastewater treatment facilities, and the residual processing and disposal activities.  

Secondary De-Inking Mill/ Augusta, ME

The program included:  a review of wastewater treatment plant operations; post-closure landfill monitoring; leachate generation and characterization; special waste landfill capacity; air discharge analysis; subsurface investigations; and process operations review.  


Keyes Fiber (Chinet Company)/ Waterville, ME and Hammond, IN

Environmental audits were completed at two facilities that use post-consumer recycled fiber to produce rough molded products such as paperboard cups and containers and molded fiber carriers, plates, and bowls.  


Various Industrial Clients/ME

Conducted the oversight and provided certification of the decommissioning, decontamination, and permit closure of RCRA waste generating facilities at:  
AMF Reece Manufacturing, Gorham, ME – Manufacturer of industrial machinery.  
Nichols Motor Facility, Portland, ME – Manufacturer and fabricator of metal products, pumps, motors, and pumping equipment.  
Sabre Corp., Raymond, ME – Shipbuilding and repair facility.  
Konica Lab, Scarborough, ME – Photo imaging and photographic supplier.  
Maine Rubber, Westbrook, ME – Custom compounding of purchased plastic resins.  


Various Departments of Public Works/ ME and NH

Conducted and provided senior technical leadership in completing 25 environmental audits as part of the U.S.EPA Region 1 DPW Audit Initiative.  Audits addressed violations associated with inadequate waste management practices, improperly managed tanks, and improper use of floor drains.  


Kelda (formerly Yorkshire Water)/ Bridgeport, CT

Served as the engineering lead to Yorkshire Water Services (YWS – now Kelda Group) in evaluating and appraising the value of the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company (BHC) assets.  BHC supplies water to 677,000 people in Connecticut and Long Island, New York and manages six surface water supplies (121 MGD) and 25 groundwater  supplied (40 MGD).  Assets included six surface water treatment plants, 25 groundwater treatment and/or disinfection facilities, 29 dams, 13 reservoirs, 34 storage tanks, and over 2,100 miles of transmission and distribution infrastructure.  Key assessments completed included the evaluation of BHC assets to be in compliance with the surface water treatment rule, disinfection by product rule, radon standard, corrosion by-products control, and other provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act.  In addition, a detailed environmental assessment of the water treatment, storage, and distribution infrastructure was performed.  


Aquarion Water Company/Water assets in NY, CT, MA, and NH

Performed environmental due diligence for Aquarion Company in support of the acquisition of potable water assets formerly owned by American Water Works Company in NY, CT, MA, and NH.  Facilities evaluated included well fields, reservoirs, treatment plants, storage tanks, and distribution networks.  The comprehensive audit included assessments of current environmental permits and licenses required under federal, state, and local law; environmental studies and reports made in the last five years; monitoring reports covering any hazardous substance, material or waste; all correspondence with environmental regulatory agencies in the past five years; the presence of high risk properties located within 0.5 miles of each facility; above or underground storage tanks currently or previously maintained at each facility, and any emergency spill prevention, and hazardous communication plans for each facility.  The primary focus of this audit was to identify “deal killers” that would undermine the financial benefit of the acquisition.  


Aquarion Water Company/Water and Wastewater Assets in 15 Eastern States

Served as a technical and environmental consultant to the Kelda Group (formerly YWS) in evaluating over 350 small-scale water systems (ranging in size from 83 to 6,000 users) throughout Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia.  Conducted a detailed study to assess compliance of these systems relative to the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act and its amendments; assess status of various permits and the compliance of each utility with the respective requirements; perform a full records review for environmental issues; review of spill prevention, control, and countermeasures plans, chemical usage and inventory reporting, residual by-product management, emergency response plans, and environmental management systems; and, assessment of PCB and asbestos abatement programs.  

The program also included a complete technical review of alternate water supplies, safe yield analyses, water transmission and distribution systems, storage facilities, and water treatment facilities.  The culmination of the analysis was the preparation of a five-year capital improvement plan to address high priority deficiencies in this complex series of assets, as well as an overall capital expenditure plan for operating these 350 systems over the next 20 years.  


Aquarion Water Company/Water and Wastewater Assets throughout U.S. and Mexico

Conduct a technical and environmental due diligence review of the assets and contract operations of a private water and wastewater utility operator with operations throughout the U.S. and Mexico.  The U.S.-based company focuses on the privatization of municipal water and wastewater systems in the U.S., wholesale supply of potable water in the U.S., and design-build-operate-transfer (DBOT) contracts both in the U.S. and Mexico.  In excess of $310-million of assets and contracts were evaluated as part of this assignment.  Contracts included DBOT of a desalination project in Florida, treatment and recycling industrial wastewater from a major petroleum refinery in Mexico, design and operation of a 25 MGD secondary wastewater treatment plant in New England, and bulk water supply via a series of desalination plants in California.  The assignment focused on the technical and environmental viability of potable water development projects and a review of environmental compliance issues for desalination projects under design, wastewater contract operations in process, and industrial wastewater treatment and recycling projects planned or under construction.